Headshot Photography

Photo by Encore! Photographer,
Mindy Barker
We've all heard the saying, "Your audition begins the moment you walk in the door." In reality, your audition begins even sooner. Directors see your headshot and resume before your audition, and are already making casting decisions before you even walk in the door. Don't you want your business materials to convey that you are a professional? Check 11 Things You Should Know About Your Headshot & Resume from Backstage.com.

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Whether you have your headshots taken by us or another professional headshot photographer, here are some helpful tips for you:

A Good Headshot
  • Depicts a relaxed, confident you, with the focus on your eyes
  • Catches you in a natural state that conveys your genuine personality.
  • Is taken by a photographer who understands the current styles and requirements for actor headshots
  • Communicates your style, personality, and "type." Don't try to be glamorous if that's not your type. Your headshot should look exactly like what you will look like walking into the audition room in terms of both looks and personality.
A Bad Headshot
  • Was taken with a smartphone or by a photographer who does not understand the difference between portraits and actor headshots
  • Is a selfie or snapshot taken of you on vacation that you cropped around your head 
  • Looks like you prepared for a glamour shot with too much makeup and over-styled hair
  • Is a photo of you "in character." Casting directors need to see who YOU are.
Don't choose black or white, or anything with bold, distracting patterns or colors. Solid blue, turquoise, deep rose, green, plum are good colors. Avoid extremely bright/neon colors that can reflect odd "glows" of color on your face. Keep your outfit simple so nothing distracts from your face, most importantly, your eyes. Choose a color that flatters you and makes your eyes POP! Think relaxed, comfortable, simple. Don't fuss with dresses, suits, etc. unless you want that style for a specific purpose and it fits your personality and/or actor "type." Make sure your clothes are clean and neatly pressed!

Photo by Encore! Photographer,
Mindy Barker
No jewelry, or go with something very simple and classic like pearls, diamond studs, etc. We should notice YOU (your eyes!) before your jewelry.

Don't do anything you wouldn't do on an typical "nice" day. Think of a clean and fresh look, not wedding or prom. This is NOT the time to do stage makeup, either! Wearing too much makeup will distract from your personality. Kids don't need any makeup unless it's just a clear lipgloss/chapstick, and MAYBE some light mascara for girls to make their eyes pop. Tweens can do a little makeup to smooth skintone and brighten eyes if necessary, but still, keep it fresh and simple. Men, a tinted moisturizer to smooth your complexion and a little chapstick to smooth your lips is recommended.

Again, keep it simple, and no hats! Like jewelry, avoid hair accessories that will distract from your face/eyes.
Lastly... Drink plenty of water and get a good night's rest so you're bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for your headshots!