The Wizard of Oz: Official Cast List

The Wizard of Oz
August 17-26, 2018 at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center

Produced and Directed by Joshua Branson Barker
Sponsored by Reasor’s,  Marquette Catholic School, Phantasmic Universe Films

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JOSHUA BRANSON BARKER (COWARDLY LION) is producer, director, and scenic artist of The Wizard of Oz as well as the Owner/Founding Artistic Director of Encore! Tulsa. In addition to performing in over 80 stage productions, Joshua has worked on feature films, including August: Osage County and Te Ata, and the short film, Dragula (directed by Adam Shankman and starring Rob Riggle and Missi Pyle), as well as the CBS TV series, Baby Daddy. He has written, published, and produced five original plays as part of The Lost Pages series, which he has adapted to a published book. He and his wife founded Phantasmic Universe Films and are currently in production for a Lost Pages film and web series. His favorite Encore! credits include: The Lost Pages series (Phantom), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Willy Wonka), Jungle Book (Baloo), and Peter Pan (Captain Hook).

MINDY BARKER is assistant director, stage manager, and sound designer of The Wizard of Oz as well as the Owner/Founding Managing Director of Encore! Tulsa. In addition to performing in and directing over 70 stage productions, Mindy has worked on television shows and features films, including Jersey Boys, Pretty Little Liars, Mad Men, and Scandal as well as Wasatch Theatrical Ventures' award-winning production of The Diary of Anne Frank at the NoHo Arts Center in Los Angeles. Her favorite stage credits include Wait Until Dark (Susan), It's a Wonderful Life (Mary Bailey), Steel Magnolias (Shelby), Peter Pan (Peter Pan), The Crucible (Elizabeth Proctor), Wizard of Oz (Wicked Witch), A Christmas Story (Mother), and Narnia (White Witch).

SYDNEY BUSH (DOROTHY) is 15 years old and a sophomore at Bixby Middle School. She loves to act, and is a Senior Artist in Encore! Tulsa's Pre-Professional Youth Acting Program (PPYAP).  This is her tenth mainstage production with Encore!, having performed in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Veruca Salt), The Lost Pages of Snow White (Evil Queen), The Lost Pages of Cinderella (Mischief), The Lost Pages of Sleeping Beauty (Mischief), A Christmas Story (Esther Jane), A Charlie Brown Christmas (Lucy), Wizard of Oz (Ozian), Winnie the Pooh (Piglet), and Peter Pan (Curly) in addition to several student productions and PPYAP showcases.

ELLA BARTLETT (SCARECROW) is a Junior Artist in Encore! Tulsa's Pre-Professional Youth Acting Program. She enjoys cosplaying, playing video games, singing, and petting every dog she sees in her spare time. Ella has found such a welcoming community at Encore! and enjoys every second she gets to be on stage with her friends. Encore! credits include A Charlie Brown Christmas (Lucy) and A Christmas Story (Elf), as well as student productions of The Waiting Room and Betweenity and PPYAP showcases.

You may recognize ZACHARIAH KING (TIN MAN) from such Encore! productions as The Lost Pages of Snow White (Arthur the Dwarf), Winnie the Pooh (Eeyore), The Jungle Book (Akela), The Lost Pages of Cinderella (King Charming), and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Grandpa George).

In her day-to-day life, LISA MAHONEY (WICKED WITCH) is a wife, mom, and part-time barista. However, she was bitten by the acting bug in 2016 and is extremely excited to be performing in her tenth production with Encore! She has played everything from a grandmother to a kangaroo to Cinderella's wicked Stepmother and genuinely feels like the theatre is one of her favorite places to be! She gives a big thank you to Mindy and Josh for letting her explore this creative outlet and to Troy, Reilly and Declan for putting up with rehearsal schedules and leftovers for dinner. I love you guys!

CHRISTOPHER CLARK (WIZARD OF OZ) is thrilled to reprise this exciting role, having also played the Wizard in The Lost Pages series. Other Encore! credits include It's a Wonderful Life (Clarence) and The Lost Pages of Snow White (Rumpelstiltskin).

PARKYRE DOSS (GLINDA) recently made her Encore! debut as Mrs. Beauregarde in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Parkyre has performed in such productions as Shrek the Musical, Oklahoma!, Outsiders, and The Great Gatsby.

EMMA CALDWELL (GUARDIAN OF THE GATE, HAUNTED TREE) is from Sand Springs. She has loved attending Encore! classes for the past year as well as performing in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Mrs. Teavee), The Lost Pages of Snow White (Merriweather), A Charlie Brown Christmas (Violet), A Christmas Story (Elf), and The Lost Pages of Cinderella (Paparazzi). Emma loves to act and sing and is currently a member of the Tulsa Children's Chorus.

We are thrilled for RYAN MAHANNAH (WINKIE SOLDIER) to make his Encore! Tulsa debut! He is currently the Director of Theatre at Coffeyville Community College and holds an MFA in Performance. His theatre credits include Wind and the Willows (Mole), Peer Gynt (Peer Gynt), and As You Like It (Jacques), just to name a few.

JEFF JIMENEZ (WINKIE, UNCLE HENRY) is thrilled to return to the Encore! stage. In addition to Encore! productions of A Christmas Story (Black Bart) and The Lost Pages of Sleeping Beauty (Benoni Daldini, Big Bad Wolf), he has performed in such shows as Last Days of Judas Iscariot, Sense & Sensibility, Assassins, and Happy Days.

REBEKAH BILES (WINKIE, OZIAN) is a young, energetic actress who has been in love with the theatre for many years. It was through the community theatre that she met her fiancĂ©, Zachariah King, who plays the Tin Man. Rebekah is grateful to Encore! for the opportunity to perform with them once again!

REBEKAH TRENARY (WINGED MONKEY LEADER) is delighted to be cast in her 12th Encore! Tulsa production. Her favorite play was Wizard of Oz and her favorite role was Snoopy in Charlie Brown Christmas. Beka is an eighth grader at Bixby Middle School. In addition to performing, she enjoys soccer, reading, and playing with her family and friends.

CAROLINE WHITE (MUNCHKIN MAYOR, WINGED MONKEY) is a Junior Artist in Encore! Tulsa's Pre-Professional Youth Acting Program and has performed in such Encore! shows as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Violet Beauregarde), A Charlie Brown Christmas (Snoopy 2017, Violet 2016), The Lost Pages of Cinderella (Cinderella), The Lost Pages of Snow White (Red Riding Hood), A Christmas Story (Bandit), and Box (Various Roles)

REAGAN ROZZI (MUNCHKIN COUNCILOR, WINGED MONKEY) is 11 years old and is thrilled to be in perform in her fifth Encore! production. Reagan would like to thank Josh and Mindy for their support and kindness. Reagan also likes to dance and bake. Encore! credits: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Mike Teavee), A Christmas Story (Helen Weathers), The Lost Pages of Snow White (Goldilocks), The Lost Pages of Cinderella (Red Riding Hood).

ABI TRENARY (HAUNTED TREE, OZIAN) has seen many Encore! performances and taken several classes in addition to performing in The Lost Pages of Cinderella (News Reporter) and Betweenity. Most of Abi’s time is spent with soccer and school, so she is grateful to Josh and Mindy Barker for this special opportunity this summer.

We look forward to telling you more about the cast and sharing their photos very soon!

Caroline White (Munchkin Mayor)
Devin Harmon (Munchkin Coroner)
Reagan Rozzi (Munchkin Councilor)
Riya Kurella
Alex Bashorun
Abrianna Lovett
Isabella Doering
Elektra Love
Finnley Whisman
Elena Talamantes
Kason Smith
Kourt Henderson
Jane Pope
Lillian Hamblin
Auggie Sinnett
Cayton Doerr

Lauren Ensley
Brecklynn Foster
Elizabeth Henderson
Abi Trenary
Presley Boschert
Erin Herring
Reagan Renfro
Allison Means
Peyton Means
Rebekah Biles