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The Lost Pages of 
Alice in Wonderland: 
Revenge of the Dead

Open to adults and youth of all ages. There is no fee to participate, including youth actors who are granted a scholarship to study and perform tuition-free!

ABOUT THE PLAY: Get ready for non-stop laughter as The Lost Pages series continues! All of your favorite Lost Pages characters and more are coming back to Tulsa Little Theatre! The Lost Pages is a book/play/web series written by Encore! Tulsa's Artistic Director/Producer, Joshua Branson Barker, and is a twist on several beloved fairy tales with intertwining plots and characters much like Into the Woods and Once Upon a Timebut with the humor of Shrek and Mega Mind. These stories are tied together by the adventures of an original character named the Phantom Fairy, who is the Chosen One and the prophesied savior of the world. As a young sorcerer's apprentice, Phantom was framed by a dark sorceress for crimes he did not commit, which set him down an alternate path of evil, and led him to become the greatest villain of all time. In this epic fifth story in a seven-part series, our storyline continues from The Lost Pages of Snow White: Quest for the Dark Scrolls. Phantom has abandoned his villainous ways and embarks on a magnificent adventure to the curious world of Wonderland alongside Alice, Prince Charming, Puss in Boots, Red Riding Hood, and other fairy tale characters to thwart the Queen of Hearts, Maleficent, Wicked Witch, Morgan Le Fay, and other villainous creatures. Before the Evil Queen was killed in the story of Snow White, she cast a New Life spell and was reincarnated in the world of Wonderland’s past. After she quickly took over the rule of this mad, strange world, she became known as the Queen of Hearts. After the arrival of Alice, the Queen discovers that the rabbit hole leads back to her former world, Charming Kingdom. The Queen then joins an alliance with the new ruler of the world of Oz, Maleficent. With their dark alliance they plan to use their new found powers to resurrect the Wicked Witch from her ashes. Will these dark sorceress’ succeed in their wicked plans to destroy the prophesy of the Prime Merlinian, a.k.a the Phantom Fairy, and take over the worlds? Or will Phantom, Alice, Prince Charming, Puss in Boots, Merlin, Fairy Godmother, Fairy Godfather, Red Riding Hood, along with the help of two unexpected time-traveler warriors, Shadow and Dust, be strong enough to best these wicked witches and stop the revenge of the dead? Or is there an even greater evil lurking on the horizon that will mean the end of the Phantom Fairy?

With sword-fights, pyrotechnics, special effects, beautiful sets and costumes, and crazy humor, The Lost Pages of Alice in Wonderland is a fun, hilarious, and unique fantasy-adventure for the whole family!

Actors who audition may also be considered for roles in the two other Lost Pages plays included in this next trilogy series: The Lost Pages of Peter Pan: Curse of the Jolly Roger and The Lost Pages of Beauty and the Beast: Rise of the Prime Merlinian. As well as other Lost Pages origin stories. Plus, The Lost Pages web series (coming soon).

"The Lost Pages are back, bigger, and better than ever! We hope to see you at auditions. Break a leg!"

Joshua Branson Barker, Artstic Director and Owner/Founder of Encore! Tulsa

WHO: Actors of all ages. This is NOT a musical, so singing is not required. See the "Available Roles" section for details on what we're seeking for each character.

WHAT: Auditions for The Lost Pages of Alice in Wonderland: Revenge of the Dead

WHEN: Sunday, August 4, 2019. By appointment only. Time slots fill quickly, so submit today!

WHERE: Tulsa Little Theatre - 1511 S. Delaware Ave. Tulsa, OK

HOW:  Actors will receive a time slot for a brief audition, then may be asked to stay longer or return later in the day for callbacks. Auditions will consist of a combination of cold reads, improv, and/or dance, depending on your particular skill set. You don’t need to rehearse anything in advance; we will give/teach you everything you need on the day of the audition. We’ll email you details in advance. Available roles are listed below.

We will provide actors with a scene from the script to read for auditions. Some actors will be invited to return for callbacks. Further details will be provided on audition day.

REHEARSALS: Will begin August 10 at Tulsa Little Theatre. We rehearse on weeknights and weekends to accommodate standard work/school schedules. At auditions, actors will have an opportunity to inform us of any schedule conflicts.

PERFORMANCES: September 13-15, 2019 at Tulsa Little Theatre. Friday at 7:30pm, Saturday at 2:00 and 7:30pm, and Sunday at 2:00pm and 7:30pm.

If you are interested in auditioning, please follow these instructions:

Send an email to with the subject “The Lost Pages of Alice in Wonderland Audition.”

In the body of the email, provide the following information:
  • Actor name, age, height, and weight
  • Phone number 
  • Email address 
  • If actor is under age 18, include parent name and contact info
  • City of residence 
  • List all schedule conflicts on weeknights (after 5pm) and weekends between August 10 and September 15. (Actors must attend all scheduled rehearsals, otherwise, their role will be re-cast.  We work around actor availability, but absences are only excused if you inform us of the schedule conflict AT THIS TIME, since actor availability is a factor in casting.)
Please attach to the email:
  • Headshot or any recent photo (Must depict what you look like NOW— current age, haircut/color, facial hair, braces, etc.) 
  • Resume (Optional) 

If your submission is successfully sent, you will receive an automatic confirmation. Check emails regularly and allow the email address in your address book to avoid your audition invitation going to spam. Please submit ASAP! We will accept submissions until all time slots are full.


At this time, we are considering all ages— including older to play younger— and younger to play older— for the roles of Alice, Red Riding Hood, Merlin, Maleficent, and many other characters. There are characters for ALL ages, genders, enthnicities, and acting experience levels! We are looking for 40+ energetic, comedic actors to bring this hilarious and fast-paced play to the Tulsa stage. We are open to all voices/accents/dialects, and are excited to see actors who make bold character choices, jump at the chance to use crazy voices and accents, and aren't afraid to improv or try something new. The director, Joshua Branson Barker, is also the writer of this project, and he loves to adapt the script to suit the unique looks and talents of the actors.

ALICE (Teen/Young Adult Female) - Seeking a seasoned, well-trained actress who embodies the grace, poise, joy, and innocence of this classic character. She is youthful and exuberant, and should move well and/or have basic dance training as this character performs in one of the show's two dance numbers.

MALEFICENT (Adult Female) - Seeking a fierce, well-trained actress with strong stage presence as well as extensive stage combat training/experience. Must also move well, as she participates in a dance sequence while under a spell. She is a refined, graceful sort of evil who can effortlessly intimidate her enemies. There are opportunities to add a comical flair to this character, but the overall portrayal should be so severe that the rare moments of humor are unexpected and almost creepy.

SINISTER (Considering Male/Female) -  All ages for the right actor who can play this complex character. Sinister is an innocent crow whom Maleficent enchants to speak and even aid Maleficent in her evil deeds. Must be convincingly evil, but also have strong comedy skills for a hilarious scene where Sinister mistakes a character disguised as a bird for a real, beautiful, attractive bird. British accent preferred, but we're open to other ideas.

RUMPLESTILTSKIN (Adult/Teen Male) - Phantom's best friend who betrays him and joins Maleficent in her evil schemes. Seeking a versatile actor capable of both comedy and drama to play the unpredictable, off-kilter Rumpelstiltskin. Scottish/Irish accents are preferred.

QUEEN OF HEARTS (Teen/Young Adult Female) - Once the Evil Queen in The Lost Pages of Snow White, she has now become an even more powerful dark sorceress in death. Before being defeated in the story of Snow White, the Evil Queen, cast a New Life spell, transporting all of her powers and soul to the world of Wonderland. Must have stage combat training/experience. Must move well or easily pick up on choreography for two dance scenes.

MORGAN LE FAY (Adult/Mature Teen Female) - She is the original and most powerful, benevolent  dark sorceress of all time. She has the ability to jump through time and space, has the power of flight and is a shapeshifter. 

WICKED WITCH (Adult/Mature Teen Female) - The classic Wicked Witch of the West.

PRINCE WILLIAM CHARMING (Teen/Adult Male) - Heir to the throne, suave, smooth talker, devilishly handsome (or at least he thinks he is), and master with the sword. (Think James Marsden as Prince Charming in Enchanted). Seeking a charismatic, comedic actor with stage combat experience. Must move well. Dance experience a plus, but not required if the actor can easily pick up basic dance choreography.

PRINCE ROBERT CHARMING (Teen/Adult Male) - Much like his older brother, William. They are both very competitive toward each other and are alike in almost every way.

DIABLO A.K.A. PUSS IN BOOTS (Teen/Adult Male/Female) - Think Puss in Boots in the movie, Shrek. Sly, ferocious, Spanish accent. Seeking an actor who moves well with strong stage presence and stage combat experience.

KITTY LA PAWS (Youth/Teen Female) - Gracefull, elegant. Spanish accent. Seeking an actress who moves well with strong stage presence. She is Puss in Boot's love interest.  

KING CHARMING (Adult Male) - Seeking a clean-cut, charismatic actor for the noble leader of Charming Kingdom.

QUEEN CHARMING (Adult Female) - Seeking a poised actress for the noble queen of Charming Kingdom.

PRINCE SARAH CHARMING (Teen/ AdultMale) - The youngest of King and Queen Charming's sons. He looks up to his brothers and tries to be like them, but he's a hopeless romantic and also the whiny baby of the family.

MERLIN (Adult Male) - Think Dumbledore from Harry Potter or Gandalf from Lord of the Rings. He is a wise, old wizard who carefully watches over the world of fairies, sorcerers, witches, and wizards.

FAIRY GODMOTHER (Adult/Teen Female) - Beautiful and bubbly, but powerful and forthright when the occasion calls. A respected, high-ranking official of the Fairy Council and the mother to the prophesied Prime Merlinian, but has a penchant for fashion, style, love, and beauty. Think Glinda in Wicked and Elle Woods in Legally Blonde.

SERENA (Adult/Teen Female) - The eccentric sorceress also known as "The Oracle." She can see into the future, but she is constantly fearful, anxious, and agitated because off her visions. Seeking a comedic character actress who can make bold character decisions.

GLISSANDRA (Adult Female) - Queen of the fairies and the fairy who enchanted Pinocchio. She is a powerful fairy who helps Merlin with watching over their world of magic while maintaining peaceful relations with the humans of Charming Kingdom.

FLORA, FAUNA, and MERRIWEATHER (Youth/Teen Female) - The pretty, sassy, out-spoken fairies who protect Briar Rose while she's in hiding. Looking for three young comedic actresses with their own spunky personalities, but who have great chemistry together.

WIZARD OF OZ (Adult Male) - A genius, eccentric wizard, brother to Merlin. If you can do a Doc Brown (Back to the Future) impersonation, we want to see you audition!

SNOW WHITE (Youth/Teen Female) - The classic Snow White. She is sweet and humble.

CINDERELLA (Youth Female) - Seeking a graceful, innocent young actress for the kind, sweet Cinderella.

EVIL STEPMOTHER (Adult Female) - Cinderella's stepmother. She's evil, mysterious, and has a Spanish accent.

EVIL STEPSISTERS (Adult/Teen Female) - Gertude and Agatha are the classic evil stepsisters from the Cinderella story. They are rude and repulsive. Looking for two strong comedic actress with great chemistry who have a vivid imagination, comfortable with fart jokes, ugly makeup, and other hilarious ways to make the stepsisters horrible and gross.

GRANNY (Adult Female) - Granny to Red Riding Hood. She may appear to be your average, everyday grandmother, but Granny has a mysterious past full of secrets. 

RED RIDING HOOD (Adult Female) - From the classic story, but is now grown-up. She has a wild spirit and longs for adventure and to be swept off her feet by the Phantom Fairy, who she is madly in love with. 

PINOCCHIO (Youth Male/Female) - The stringless puppet who had accidentally caught the evil puppet master's theatre on fire.

BENONI DALDINI (Adult/Teen Male) - The evil puppet master of Pinocchio. Seeking an actor who enjoys playing wild, energetic, intense characters. Would love to see bold accents, such as Russian, German, Italian, or Spanish.

FAIRY GODFATHER (Adult Male) - A wise guy. Think of Joe Pesci or Robert DeNero from, The Goodfellas. A former member of the Fairy Council, turned to the dark side of magic to create his own magical organization of unlimited power. After he was captured, he was sentenced to Pixie Penitentiary and his wings were shrunk as a form of punishment by the Fairy Council. 

MAD HATTER (Adult/Teen Male) - A seemingly insane man, ostensibly a hat maker, who is obsessed with tea time and tea parties. Displaying poor manners and a desire to confuse and challenge tea party guests with riddles, the Mad Hatter speaks to Alice at a highly disordered tea party.

MARCH HARE (Adult/Teen Male) - Like his famous friend, the Mad Hatter, the March Hare feels compelled to always behave as though it is tea-time because the Hatter supposedly "murdered the time" whilst singing for the Queen of Hearts.

CATERPILLAR (Adult/Teen Male or Female) - He is sitting on a mushroom while smoking a hookah, when Alice first meets him. Although he is rather strict and not very friendly.

TWEEDLEDEE (Adult/Teen Male or Female) - Likes grinning and reciting poetry to Alice. He continually acts out the nursery rhyme from which they come, and constantly quarrels with Tweedledum. Always grinning, rude, mischievous, and violent. 

TWEEDLEDUM (Adult/Teen Male or Female) - Likes grinning and reciting poetry to Alice. He continually acts out the nursery rhyme from which they come, and constantly quarrels with Tweedledee. Always grinning, rude, mischievous, and violent. 

HUMPTY DUMPTY (Adult/Teen Male or Female) - An egg-shaped weirdy with human features who sits on a wall.

CHESHIRE CAT (Adult/Teen Male or Female) - A cat notable for its broad grin and its ability to disappear and reappear at will.

CROTCH (Adult/Teen Male or Female) - An ogre who lacks intelligence, bloodthirsty, rough/rugged voice, Cockney accent a plus. Brother to Sphinkter.

SPHINCTER (Adult/Teen Male or Female) - An ogre who lacks intelligence, bloodthirsty, rough/rugged voice, British or Cockney accent a plus. Brother to Crotch.

SHADOW (Adult/Teen Female) - Is a mysterious time-traveler who can jump from world to world and has become lost in time, never living in the same reality. She has great knowledge and insight from the past, the present, and the future.

DUST (Youth Female) - Shadow's best friend and sidekick. She is a magical fairy who is also known as Tinkerbell. 

AND MANY OTHER CHARACTERS (All Ages/Genders) - The ensemble of Wonderland creatures and characters who appear all throughout the production. Dance, gymnastics, and stage combat a plus.

Other Volunteer Opportunities
Do you want to work on one of our awesome productions, but prefer to work behind the scenes? Or perhaps you would just like to experience other aspects of theatre. You're in luck! We are currently accepting applications for a Stage Manager/Assistant Director position for our production of 
The Lost Pages of Alice in Wonderland: Revenge of the Dead.

We hope to see you at auditions.
Break a leg!

Joshua Branson Barker, Artistic Director and Owner/Founder of Encore! Tulsa