Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Meet the Cast of The Lost Pages of Sleeping Beauty

The Lost Pages of Sleeping Beauty and the Sorcerer's Apprentice
April 21-23, 2017 at Tulsa Little Theatre
Presented by Encore! Tulsa
Sponsored by Tulsa Little Theatre and Law Office of Bryce A. Hill

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Anabel White as Briar Rose

Joshua Branson Barker as Phantom

Mindy Barker as Maleficent

Sydney Bush as Mischief

Matthew Brown as Prince William Charming

Taylor Terrell as Puss in Boots

Ron Terrell as Fairy Godfather

Katie Thomas as Fairy Godmother


Jared Barker as Mayhem

Blake Lewis as Rumplestiltskin

Tom Powers as Merlin

Shannon Opitz as Queen Charming

Erika Hall as Glissandra

Chrissy Lewis as Serena

Luke Hammonds as Prince Robert Charming

Zoe Brooks as Flora

Abbigail Howell as Fauna

Katherine Bates as Merriweather

Lisa Mahoney as Evil Stepmother

Dannielle Trauernicht as Agatha the Stepsister

Kylee Gosney as Gertrude the Stepsister

Jeff Jimenez as Benoni Daldini and The Big Bad Wolf

Zack Prater as Prince Sarah Charming

Janson Daniel as Sinister

Kate Stiles as Francis (Young Snow White)

Nadia Smith as Young Cinderella

Macy Gerkin as Gretel and The Herald

Eli Overbey as Hansel

Abigail Cupp / Trace Herrera as Pinocchio*

Melissa Fabian as Lily Bell the Fairy

April Trenary as Dew Drop the Fairy

Rainee Million as Rapunzel

Emili Watts as Pixie

Andrea Davis as Broomhilda

Stephen Davis as Shadow Troll

The Three Little Pigs*
Mallory Berry
Isabella Doering
Clara Fabian
Lexi McMinn
Beka Trenary
Emma Zacharias

Maleficent's Monster Minions
Kros Doerflinger
Grant Galloway
Spencer Loeffler

*Roles noted with an asterisk are double cast, and actors will alternate performances.


  1. DANI, i am so excited to see this. Break a leg.

  2. Fantastic!!! Cannot wait.