What People Have Said About Encore!

     "If you want to be on stage, or just take in an entertaining performance, Encore! is the best!
     For actors, Josh creates a real sense of family among the cast. Whether a child (or adult) has been in one, or twenty productions, everyone is made to feel important and part of the team, because they are. There are no "cliques". It's one big family.
     And the kids learn valuable lessons while having fun. Responsibility. Teamwork. Building confidence. Having each other's back. And of course, acting technique!
     The productions are a blast, the sets are incredible, and Josh discovers what each actor's strengths are, and incorporates those into their roles to get the best out of each performer.
     And they offer acting classes for beginners and experienced actors alike. Whether you have a child who has never been on stage before, or one who's been on stage dozens of times, I highly recommend Encore!
     And if acting isn't your thing, check out a show! You will be entertained!"
-FOX23 News Anchor Ron Terrell - Encore! Actor, Parent of Encore! Actor

"Without the film classes and acting experience I've had with Encore!, I wouldn't have been able to sign with the talent agent I have now."
-Axyl Langford, Actress, Student

"I just want to say that It's a Wonderful Life was amazing! Joshua Branson Barker did a phenomenal job as George Bailey. I was completely immersed into the life of George and the emotion he felt as he wrestled with the dreams and desires in his heart, yet his strong sense of responsibility in caring for his family and the townspeople. I loved Clarence and Harry portrayed by Blake Lewis. This is a must see. Thank you for sharing It's a Wonderful Life this Christmas season!"
-Cindy Lewis - Patron, Sponsor

"Both of my daughters have gained confidence and self-esteem and have had a blast with Encore! Josh, and everyone who works with them are amazing. What they are doing for our children in our community is wonderful. I'm so glad I found them!
-Erin Clopton - Parent

"Absolutely phenomenal! I was so excited to see It's a Wonderful Life, one of my all-time favorites, and you guys nailed it! WOW... Such talent. Such passion. Very blessed by today. I look forward to what's to come and encouraging others to take part."
-Samantha Bright - Patron

"Private lessons with Encore! gave my daughter the confidence that she needed to just take off! Thank you!"
-Judith Katzman - Parent

"I am so happy I was told about this group. My daughter loves to act and this is the place to be. Great group of people to act with. Wonderful theatre group! I cannot wait to have her audition for more plays with Encore! Tulsa."
-Kim Hughes - Parent

"It was truly a blessing to see It's a Wonderful Life performed this evening! You all did an amazing job! The acting, costuming, set, sound, and lighting was EVERYTHING! I truly enjoyed every minute and I am so proud of everyone! Anyone who has the pleasure of watching this amazing play will definitely learn the value of family and friendship. Joshua never ceases to amaze me with his passion for theatre. It truly shows."
-Stephanie Rose - Actor, Patron

"If you want to have a good time, spend it with Encore! They always produce an amazing show. You'll laugh, you'll cry (from laughing), and you'll laugh some more. Their shows are so much fun!"
-Blake Lewis, 27 - Actor, Student

"Encore! is a fabulous theatre group and more. Founders, Joshua Barker, makes each production a fun, educational, and memorable experience!"
-Cheryl Kane - Parent, Actress

"I love performing with people who love the stage as much as I do."
-Jesamine Katzman, Actress, Student

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  1. I took my Granddaughter to see "It's A Wonderful Life". She was captivated through every scene. The performance of the cast and crew were totally awesome. Joshua, did a phenomenal job filling the shoes of none other than "Jimmy Stewart"! I was mesmerized by his star-quality awesome performance. Mindy did a wonderful job as Mary. The whole cast and crew were terrific! It was amazing to watch these talented actors which I proudly claim are from our local Tulsa area. My Granddaughter is seriously interested in the art of acting and I'm sure I'll probably owe a lot of her passionate enthusiasm towards the theatre to you...ENCORE!" Thank you Encore. A loyal fan and Grandmother.