Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Upcoming Announcement: Auditions, Classes, and More!

We're excited for 2017, and we'll kick off the new year with a selection of acting classes, auditions, improv shows, and even a party for our 2016 actors and crew. Make sure you're signed up to receive our emails and follow us on Facebook so you don't miss the announcement of all these exciting opportunities!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

A Christmas Story opens this Friday at Tulsa Little Theatre!

A Christmas Story
December 9-11, 2016
Tulsa Little Theatre

"Classics bloom quickly in modern times... You don't have to have grown up with 9-year-old Ralphie Parker and his ache for an air rifle under the tree to think of A Christmas Story as a Christmas must. And this version is just as kindly and just as cockeyed as A Christmas Story is meant to be." -Orlando Sentinel

Don't miss Encore! Tulsa's mainstage holiday production of A Christmas Story! The show stars Jack Maricle as Ralphie and Jared Barker as Adult Ralphie, featuring Encore! co-founders Joshua Branson Barker as The Old Man and Mindy Barker as Mother.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Meet the Cast of A Charlie Brown Christmas!

A Charlie Brown Christmas 
Presented by Encore! Tulsa
November 12-20, 2016
Sponsored by Law Office Bryce A. Hill & Tulsa Little Theatre

(Adult cast performs on November 12 only. Youth cast performs November 18-20)

Janson Daniel / Ron Terrell

Sydney Bush / Katie Thomas

Eli Overbey / Joshua Branson Barker

Clara Fabian / Mindy Barker

Beka Trenary / Abigail Black

Sam Robson / Jared Barker


Julia Cooper / Erin Rose Kane

Lexi McMinn / Traci Rainwater

Benjamin Hicks / Tom Powers

Anabel White / April Trenary

Caroline White / Erika Hall

Spencer Loeffler / Jonathan Gogolakis

Melissa Fabian (Adult cast)

Cheryl Kane (Adult cast)

Danielle Trauernicht (Adult cast)

Matthew Borrell
Isabella Cassady
Bella Cole
Cross Cole
Abigail Cupp
Isabella Doering
Abbigail Howell
Josiah Neal
Hayden Ross
Nadia Smith
Riley Smith
Jesse Swan
Myriah Synar
Emili Watts
Davis White

Monday, October 17, 2016

Meet the Cast of A Christmas Story!

A Christmas Story
Presented by Encore! Tulsa
December 9-11, 2016
Sponsored by Law Office Bryce A. Hill & Tulsa Little Theatre

Jack Maricle as Ralphie Parker

Jared Barker as Adult Ralph Parker

Joshua Branson Barker as The Old Man

Mindy Barker as Mother

Sam Robson as Flick

Gideon Trenary as Schwartz

Eli Overbey as Randy Parker

Sydney Bush as Esther Jane

Beka Trenary as Helen Weathers

Lisa Mahoney as Miss Shields

Janson Daniel as Scut Farkas

Benjamin Hicks as Grover Dill

Ron Terrell as Santa Claus

Tom Powers as Tree Salesman, Delivery Guy, Bandit

Jeff Jimenez as Black Bart, Delivery Guy

Abigail Black as Santa's Elf, Bandit

Taylor Terrell as Santa's Elf

Julia Cooper
Abigail Cupp
Andrea Davis
Isabella Doering
Hank Fabian
Spencer Loeffler
Lexi McMinn
Josiah Neal
Nadia Smith
Emili Watts

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Monday, August 15, 2016

Auditions are this weekend! Prepare with our audition tips.

We have THREE auditions this weekend!

As you prepare for your audition, here is our collection of blog posts on the hot topic. Don't forget to check out the Auditions page for details about how to submit for a role. Break a leg!

Plus, here are a few tips from Backstage.com:

Even with accomplished actors, and especially for rookies, auditions can create anxiety and make them insecure, making their work not as good as it can be—especially in last-minute auditions where actors have less time to prepare, so bad habits and nervous reactions can really be apparent. Here are the seven common preparation and presentation issues that make actors look insecure and can prevent them doing their best audition.

1. Not asking questions that would give clarity. When unsure about anything after reading the directions (that are usually posted or explained) and before starting the audition prep, you should politely ask whoever has the necessary information for answers. Don’t be hesitant. Getting this info usually helps to improve auditions, which benefits everyone involved.

2. Talking too fast, loud, or soft in the audition. This is usually nerves, habit, or both, but you don’t want to think about these things when auditioning, which can put you in your head and take your focus off of your work.

This should really be worked on so it doesn’t make you look insecure and/or undermine the power of their audition. I suggest that at home, record yourself and check to see if you are talking too fast, loud, or soft. If so, work on it with a teacher or on your own and create a new habit of speaking that empowers your auditions.

3. Refusing to look at the sides when necessary. Actors will do better if the material is memorized, but they often underestimate how nerves and additional direction from the session runner or CD affect the confidence they had during preparation when there were no distractions. Always bring your sides into the audition room and don’t hesitate to quickly glance at them when needed so you won’t disturb the flow of your read. Know that even the most experienced actors use them when needed.

4. Not connecting. Directors begin making decisions about actors as soon as they see them and speak to them. The first impression an actor gives could immediately cost them the role. It could be because the actor is not the right physical type for the job or because in those few seconds they see negativity, insecurity, or someone who is not relatable. If you think this is an issue for you, find a teacher who can coach you on interview skills and finding your natural charisma as an actor.

5. Making negative comments on yourself or the material. No matter how you think you did, never criticize out loud. You don’t want the decision-makers to think of you negatively.

6. Stopping if you make a mistake. This can cause frustration and upset because it only wastes time and draws attention to an error that could have gone unnoticed. Actors hardly ever walk away from auditions without making mistakes (or feeling they could’ve have done better). Don’t be thrown by mistakes. Learn to have fun with them and then they might help you book jobs. Staying calm and poised despite a mistake shows that you are a professional. Improv training can help!

7. Not really hearing the direction. Oftentimes actors miss some of what is being said because they’re being directed or are planning out how to do a part. This could come across as unprofessional or may look like they “don’t take direction.” Make sure you’re aware of what the decision-makers around you are saying.

Being aware of these audition issues and diligently working to improve them should help you look and be more confident and do better auditions.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Flat Peach Photo Contest

Left to Right: Liza, Anabel, and Anna show off their flat
peaches on the set of James and the Giant Peach.
Spread your love for Encore! and James and the Giant Peach by joining our photo contest.

Click here to print your own Traveling Flat Peach! Wherever you go, take a photo with the peach and submit it to Encore's Flat Peach Photo Contest: Post your photos to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the hashtags #FlatPeach, #EncoreGetsPeachy, and #EncoreTulsa for a chance to win exciting prizes, which will be awarded at our performances of James and the Giant Peach July 29-31 at Tulsa Little Theatre. Each post containing a photo with the peach and all three hashtags equals one entry, so take many photos to increase your chances of winning. Have fun!

Don't forget to purchase your tickets for James and the Giant Peach, which runs July 29-31 at Tulsa Little Theatre. Click here for tickets and details!

James and the Giant Peach is presented by Encore! Tulsa and sponsored by Tulsa Little Theatre and Law Office of Bryce A. Hill.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Auditions: Winnie the Pooh

Auditions for Winnie the Pooh are this week! We are looking for adult and youth actors of all ages who are eager for a fun adventure in the Hundred Acre Woods. Register by visiting the Auditions Page for details!

As you prepare for your audition, here is our collection of blog posts on the hot topic. Break a leg!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Audition Advice

As you prepare for your audition, here is our collection of blog posts on the hot topic. Don't forget to check out the Auditions page for details about how to submit for our upcoming projects. Break a leg!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Top 3 Learning Experiences from This Week's Auditions

This past weekend, Encore! Tulsa received submissions from 150 actors from Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas for consideration for one of 40 roles in our production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

We want to see ALL of you succeed. After watching last weekend's auditions, here are three bits of advice that we think would be helpful as you prepare for you next audition with Encore! or elsewhere:

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

2016: A great year to get involved with Encore!

We're off to a great start of 2016! This year, Encore! will offer more opportunities than ever before. It's a great time to get involved with us!

We are currently casting our next mainstage production, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Auditions are open to ALL adults and children, regardless of prior acting experience. In addition to actors, we're looking for dancers, gymnasts, and tumblers for the Oompa Loompas. This is a popular show and audition time slots are filling quickly, so visit the Auditions page for details and registration. 

There will be at least 10 more audition opportunities this year, including theatre productions, improv troupe, advanced education, a short film, and more!

Performing in a theatre production is fun and educational, but acting classes are where actors are challenged to learn new techniques, identify bad habits, and hone their skills. Since classes are taught by Joshua and Mindy Barker, it gives actors a chance to learn from and work closely with the directors of our stage productions. Encore! offers classes for adults and youth in theatre, film, improv, and musical theatre. We're currently enrolling for our Winter 2016 acting classes that start in February. Visit the Classes & Camps page for details and enrollment.

Check our next e-blast for information about our Spring Break Camp and spring acting classes. This year, we will also offer several summer camps, workshops, and more acting classes in the fall.

This is a new program at Encore! and one-of-a-kind in Tulsa, offering youth actors advanced training, opportunities, and services to support them in pursuing an acting career. We also assist students in preparing for college, scholarships, conservatory schools, etc. Admission requires an application and audition. Click here for details.

Eleven improv shows. Eight theatre productions. Contests and other special events. All this and more in 2016! Charlie and the Chocolate Factory runs March 4-6, and tickets go on sale in February.

What do YOU want to see from Encore? Certain acting classses? A specific play? More Lost Pages? A 24-Hour Play Festival? A playwright contest? Share your ideas with us!