UPDATE 5/14/19: We are no longer accepting submissions. 
    If you submitted and were selected to audition, you would have been contacted via email. 

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    Thank you to everyone who auditioned!

      Peter Pan
      June 28-30 at Tulsa Little Theatre
      Presented by Encore! Tulsa
      Directed by Joshua Branson Barker

      Open to adults and youth of all ages. There is no fee to participate, including youth actors who are granted a scholarship to study and perform tuition-free!

      Get ready as Encore! Tulsa brings this huge, adventurous production to Tulsa Little Theatre! We need 40+ men, women, and children to play the iconic characters of this beloved classic. This exciting and hilarious (non-musical) production is adapted from J.M. Barrie's timeless story and written by
      Encore! Artistic Director, Joshua Branson Barker. With modern humor, action, elaborate sword fights, pyrotechnics, special effects, and beautiful sets and costumes, this production combines what you loved from the classic tale with clever twists and comical surprises. Join us and fall in love with Peter Pan all over again!

      WHO: Actors of all ages. We're also seeking dancers and gymnasts with or without acting experience. This is NOT a musical, so singing is not required. See the "Available Roles" section for details on what we're seeking for each character.

      WHAT: Auditions for Peter Pan

      WHEN: Monday, May 13, 2019

      WHERE: Tulsa Little Theatre - 1511 S. Delaware Ave. Tulsa, OK

      HOW:  Actors will receive a time slot for a brief audition, then may be asked to stay longer or return later in the day for callbacks. Auditions will consist of a combination of cold reads, improv, and/or dance, depending on your particular skill set. You don’t need to rehearse anything in advance; we will give/teach you everything you need on the day of the audition. We’ll email you details in advance. Available roles are listed below.

      We will provide actors with a scene from the script to read for auditions. Some actors will be invited to return Tuesday, May 14 evening for callbacks. Further details will be provided on audition day.

      REHEARSALS: Will begin May 25 at Tulsa Little Theatre. We rehearse on weeknights and weekends to accommodate standard work/school schedules. At auditions, actors will have an opportunity to inform us of any schedule conflicts.

      PERFORMANCES: June 28-30, 2019 at Tulsa Little Theatre. Friday at 7:30pm, Saturday at 2:00 and 7:30pm, and Sunday at 2:00pm and 7:30pm.

      If you are interested in auditioning, please follow these instructions:

      Send an email to with the subject “Peter Pan Audition”

      In the body of the email, provide the following information:
      • Actor name, age, height, and weight
      • Phone number 
      • Email address 
      • If actor is under age 18, include parent name and contact info
      • City of residence 
      • List all schedule conflicts on weeknights (after 5pm) and weekends between May 18 and June 30. (Actors must attend all scheduled rehearsals, otherwise, their role will be re-cast.  We work around actor availability, but absences are only excused if you inform us of the schedule conflict AT THIS TIME, since actor availability is a factor in casting.)
      Please attach to the email:
      • Headshot or any recent photo (Must depict what you look like NOW— current age, haircut/color, facial hair, braces, etc.) 
      • Resume (Optional) 

      If your submission is successfully sent, you will receive an automatic confirmation. Check emails regularly and allow the email address in your address book to avoid your audition invitation going to spam. Please submit ASAP! We will accept submissions until all time slots are full.

      AVAILABLE ROLES AS OF 5/12/19:

      At this time, we are considering all ages— including older to play younger— for the roles of Peter Pan and Wendy.

      AVAILABLE ROLES: This play has many great acting opportunities for actors of all ages. We are looking for 40+ enthusiastic, playful actors to bring this exciting production to the Tulsa stage.

      PETER PAN (Youth/Teen Male or Female under 5'4.") - A magical, arrogant boy who will never grow up. Like all abstractions, he is in equal parts wonderful and terrifying. His immortality and wildness carry him to the dazzling limits of experience. Peter has no fears, so he feels no desire for safety, and he has no memory, so he doesn’t understand change or loss. And there is something else he does not have, though it is an emptiness that is more difficult to name. For convenience, J. M. Barrie calls it ‘heartlessness’, because without it there can’t be anything like love. British or Cockney accent a plus. Stage combat experience a plus.

      WENDY DARLING (Youth/Teen Female) - The eldest Darling child, a “tidy,” practical girl with a soft spot in her heart for orphaned or abandoned creatures. From an early age, Wendy seems naturally disposed to care for others. But we also catch glimpses of a very different Wendy, hiding awkwardly behind the “motherly person.” This other Wendy tries over and over for the ‘kiss’ in the corner of Mrs. Darling’s mouth, the kiss she “could never get,” though Peter takes it without trying. She longs for big adventures. She wants to fly and play with mermaids and say “funny things to the stars.” And when she has grown into the mother she was always becoming, the other Wendy wants desperately for the “woman” whom she now lives inside to “let go” of her. British RP accent a plus.

      JOHN DARLING (Youth Male) - The middle Darling child. John tends to be cautious and conservative, a little ill-tempered, and sometimes cowardly. Wendy tells us that he “despises” girls, and he somewhat resents Peter for his kingly manner. In some ways, he greatly resembles Mr. Darling – he is precocious in the pettier aspects of manhood. British RP accent a plus.

      MICHAEL DARLING (Youth Male) - A The youngest Darling child, dreamy, sweet, sleepy, and forgetful. He takes to the magic of Neverland more easily than John, because he hasn’t been shaped as much by ordinary adult society. He adores his mother but quickly forgets her. British RP accent a plus.

      MRS. DARLING (Adult/Mature Teen Female) - The children’s mother, and the narrator’s favorite, Mrs. Darling is a lovely, cheerful woman with a mysterious “kiss” in the corner of her mouth, like some leftover childhood magic. She adores her children and loves to care for them, and pines away when they leave her. To see them come home again is her greatest happiness. British RP accent a plus.

      MR. DARLING (Adult/Mature Teen Male) - A fussy, responsible family man. In the beginning of the story, Mr. Darling is always very practical, concerned primarily with money and keeping up appearances. Though he is sometimes childish and insecure, he demands respect from his wife and children, and usually they happily oblige him. But sometimes, when his feelings are hurt, he loses his temper and acts unfairly. He changes quite a lot after the children fly away: his guilt makes him re-examine his behavior and values, and he becomes more cheerful, easy-going, and sentimental, even “quixotic.” Missing his children brings him back to his own childhood. British RP accent a plus.

      NANA (Adult/Mature Teen Male or Female) - The Darlings’ dog, also a proud and conscientious nurse. Physical comedic timing/experience a must for this role. Must be able to perform on hands and knees for long periods of time.

      TINKER BELL (Youth Female) -  A tiny fairy companion to Peter Pan, a beautiful girl with a voice like a bell and a very sharp tongue. She fixes kitchenware and loves Peter jealously and intensely. She despises any girl that lays claim on Peter’s affections, especially Wendy, and can be quite violent. She loves Peter so much that she almost dies to save his life. Must be able to convey a multitude of emotions without speaking.

      SLIGHTLY (Youth/Teen Male or Female) - A lost boy who always pretends to remember life on earth. British or Cockney accent a plus.

      TOOTLES (Youth/Teen Male or Female) - The gentlest of all the lost boys, who has the misfortune of accidentally shooting Wendy. British or Cockney accent a plus.

      NIBS (Youth/Teen Male or Female) - A light-hearted lost boy. British or Cockney accent a plus.

      CURLY (Youth/Teen Male or Female) - A lost boy who tends to get into trouble. British or Cockney accent a plus.

      FIRST TWIN (Youth/Teen Male or Female) - Identical lost boys. Peter does not understand why they look alike, so they always feel self-conscious. British or Cockney accent a plus.

      SECOND TWIN (Youth/Teen Male or Female) - Identical lost boys. Peter does not understand why they look alike, so they always feel self-conscious. British or Cockney accent a plus.

      JUMBLES (Youth/Teen Male or Female) - The youngest and smallest lost boy with a big heart. British or Cockney accent a plus.

      SMEE (Adult/Mature Teen Male) - According to Captain Hook, Smee is a pathetic, Nonconformist pirate. He always has a happy smile upon his face because he thinks people fear him. He is cheerful, loveable, energetic, and the sidekick to Captain Hook. British or Cockney accent a plus.

      PRINCESS TIGER LILY (Youth/Teen Female) - The beautiful young leader of the native tribe and ally to Peter Pan. Although she is a fierce warrior, she is graceful in all she does. Dance or gymnastics experience a plus.

      GENTLEMAN STARKEY, CECCO, BILL JUKES, COOKSON (Adult/Mature Teens Male or Female) - All lack intelligence, bloodthirsty, rough/rugged voices, and generally loyal to their captain. British or Cockney accent a plus. Stage combat a plus.

      FAIRIES, PIRATES, NATIVES, MERMAIDS, CROCODILE (All Ages/Genders) - The ensemble of Neverland creatures and characters who appear all throughout the production. Dance, gymnastics, and stage combat a plus.

        Other Volunteer Opportunities

        Do you want to work on one of our awesome productions, but prefer to work behind the scenes? Or perhaps you would just like to experience other aspects of theatre. You're in luck! We are currently accepting applications for a Stage Manager/Assistant Director position for our production of Peter Pan.

      Click here to contact us if you are interested in applying for the Stage Manager/Assistant Director position!


      We hope to see you at auditions. Break a leg!

      Joshua Branson Barker, Artistic Director and Owner/Founder of Encore! Tulsa