Fundraiser Application

Partnering with Encore! is a great way to fundraise for your non-profit organization. Your members and supporters can enjoy a family-friendly performance of one of our theatrical productions, and up to 20% of their ticket purchase will be donated back to your organization.

What to expect if approved for a fundraiser with Encore!:

  • We will provide a flyer, which you can print, e-mail, and otherwise distribute to advertise your fundraiser. We will also provide vouchers, which are required to track ticket sales.
  • Your supporters attend specified performance(s) of an Encore! production. They must provide the box office with required voucher when purchasing tickets, so that a portion of their purchase will benefit your organization.
  • Upon completion of the fundraiser, your organization will receive funds within 10 business days.
  • Distributing flyers/vouchers outside the theatre or inside the lobby the night of your fundraiser is prohibited.
  • The success of your fundraiser depends on the number of people who attend. Tell your members to encourage friends and family to come enjoy a fun, family-friendly theatre production while supporting your organization at the same time!
How to Apply:
In order to be considered for fundraising opportunities with Encore!, please email to begin the application process. We will contact you for additional information and to notify you of approval.